Good Wedding Wonderful Marriage

Time to get ready for the big moment,
Put on your make up,
Fix your hair,
Put on those undergarments,
Make sure everything is in place,
Put on the wedding dress,
Put on the veil,
Grab the flowers,
Take a few pictures with your girlfriends,
Thinking of the moments to come,
You have a bit of small jitters,
But no one can seem to notice,
You loop around your arm with your father,
Or a brother,
Or another who is close to you,
You hear your music and walk down the aisle,
The one that walked you down gives your hand to your soon to be husband,
You smile as the jitters seem like nothing,
The preacher speaks and prays,
You go through the rest of the ceremony,
Some moments feel like no time passes,
And some seem quicker than anything,
Than you say you’re I do’s,
You give each other a kiss,
You are announced to those that are there,
Than you walk down the aisle together,
Walk to the reception,
Everyone cheers as you come in,
Before you know it the cake,
And enjoying is done,
The wedding is over,
But your life with this one person,
This one person you have pledged your heart,
Your soul,
And you’re all to is just beginning,
Every step that you two take will be together,
Some will be hard and difficult,
Some will be beautiful and wonderful,
Every moment is beautiful,
When you keep loving every single day,
Through those hard things of life,
You will find a soul mate,
A soul mate indeed,
For your love that you took,
That day when you pledge,
Will become your best friend,
Will become your supporter,
Will become your cheerleader,
Will be more than you could ever imagine,
So enjoy those moments,
Remember marriage has little instruction,
Keep Him first in the marriage,
Remember to laugh,
Remember to forgive quickly,
And remember to love always,
And you will find eternity,
Within the eyes of your love.
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