Posthaste the Message

Posthaste the message,
Proclaim it to the farthest ends of the earth,
Recall it to every part that you can now,
Spread it as far as you can,
With every breath that you breathe,
Do you proclaim it?
Do you send it out?
Do you believe in it?
Do you bless it?
Or do you hurt it?
There is something bigger than any of us,
We are truly just like the stars in the sky,
So big and shiny,
Yet so small and unknowing,
There are so many of us out there,
There are many that are waiting,
There are many who are yearning,
We don’t realize how we can truly affect our testimony,
We don’t realize how much we truly bear,
What can we do to solve our world today?
We need to posthaste the message,
We need to proclaim it to the farthest ends of this earth,
With every step that we take,
Every move that we make,
Every forgiveness that we grant,
Every time we turn the cheek,
Every time we decide to show love instead of hate,
Every time we show Christ instead of ourselves,
We proclaim the message,
We send it posthaste into the world,
Quickly we must go,
We are not promised tomorrow,
We are only guaranteed now,
He controls our days and our life,
We need to spread it before it’s too late,
You never know when you can save a life,
If you go out and proclaim Him,
Through the gifts He has given you,
As these words are typed and written,
As this message is posted,
I proclaim the message of Christ,
That He came to save us,
That He wants everyone to come to Him,
He will forgive you of everything you can imagine,
And He wants a personal relationship with you,
And He has given you the way,
Just come to Him and be forgiven,
At the cross He went to in order to bear our sins,
Purifying us once and for all,
Making us righteous when we couldn’t do a thing,
So that we have a choice between Heaven and Hell.
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