Suffering in the World

In this world there is much suffering,
Suffering every place that we look,
Every turn that we make,
Even in well off places there are those who are suffering,
Not knowing what will come tomorrow,
Wondering if they can continue on,
Wondering if they will be strong enough,
Wondering if they will have enough,
Basic things that we take for granted,
Many live without what we have considered,
Considered to be important in our lives,
We all have our journeys in this life,
And some are filled with a lot of strife,
And sometimes we grow and learn,
And sometimes we let it crush us and hurt us,
We can look at this suffering,
And believe someone else will handle it all,
But we can all make a difference,
Each person handing out their hand to someone,
You might not touch everyone with your gesture,
But just one person,
And that can make a difference in this suffering world,
This world filled with hurt and sin,
This world filled with violence and murder,
This world filled with disasters and disease,
One could feel powerless,
One could feel they couldn’t do anything,
That there are others that could help,
That there are others that should help,
But each person that suffers cannot wait,
Until we decide to help,
It can be something small,
It can be something big,
It just has to be something,
Not all will be appreciative,
But what matters is not that,
What matters is that we say that we will do it,
We will do what we can,
We will lay our lives down,
We will give a try,
We will pray,
We will go into action,
Even if it only alleviates a few,
Every person matters,
Every person that is in need,
We can do so much to relieve the suffering,
Even sometimes all one needs is someone,
Someone to count on,
Someone to be a shoulder,
Through this hard world,
There is suffering in this world,
It is everywhere we turn,
But we can do something about it,
If we just put faith in God,
And believe we can do even small things,
To help others get through this life,
On this difficult world.
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