Before You Came Into My Life

Before you came into my life baby,
The skies seemed so cold gray and empty,
Being alone seemed to be the only thing I would know,
There was quiet all around me,
But now that you are here,
All I can see is a beautiful read dawn sky,
Every morning is filled with another wonderful day,
There is nowhere I rather be than in your arms,
Nothing will ever stop my love for you,
As the time passes I know that my love for you,
Will continue to grow and become stronger,
Time goes slowly whenever we are together,
I enjoy every moment we spend,
No matter what we are talking about,
Still I wish you were here with me,
Holding me in your arms,
I need to get you here,
I need to get you home,
I need you baby always,
I need to be your wife,
Before you came into my life,
My life never had this much meaning,
Ever since you have been here,
It’s like a dream come true,
There is not one moment now,
That I don’t smile,
That I don’t think about you,
You are my muse baby,
You give me everything I ever needed,
You give me everything I have ever wanted,
And I want to stand with you forever,
Throughout all the time,
And be yours always,
Until there is no more time.


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