Creating a Movement

This was originally written before the election, however beliefs still hold true on any election.

People seem to forget, yes it might sound crazy thoughts, but if enough of us do it we could still create a movement to do it. Don't like Trump or Hillary? Don't like the third option either? Feel frustrated rather have Bernie? Well it's called a write in for a reason! Seriously use your voice! We have the right to vote for a reason!

Just because certain things happened doesn't mean everything! Stand up for your rights! More importantly vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote yes I'm typing this a lot, vote, vote, vote, vote! Put certain hatred of what you might not like about politics aside and vote. Vote that we should have national wins not the electoral college like it is now. Vote for every state measure. Vote for every national measure. Most importantly vote because our voices, every single person young, old, no matter race, man, woman, gay, straight, every religion matters.

Time to put aside our freaking differences, yes our country is great in some ways like that lovely video from another Mogul posted, but seriously stop all the grumbling, whining, yelling at each other, and show up! Many countries are not so lucky where people do not get a choice in certain political process, it's time to show we can do this without being jerks and asses like certain people. Stop the hate and get out there!

Every election should be important, but this seems to be spewing so much hatred and so much crap that we should be better about. Enough! Time to put back on our big pants and stop treating each other as the enemy and work together. Let's do this and truly show America is already great and just needs to be reminded of that.
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