Hold me,
Touch me,
Caress all my edges,
Open my mouth slowly with yours,
Let them dance together,
Let your fingertips explore every inch of my body,
Let this desire continue to increase,
As my hands slowly grasp your manhood,
Our kisses deepen,
Our breathing quicken,
This desire,
This love,
Melting quickly into one,
Slowly you let yourself into me,
The moans start to escape,
As the pace start to increase,
Holding each other closer,
Holding each other tighter,
Than you push into me harder,
Your eyes widen with mine,
We both shake,
We both moan,
We both groan,
Our releases nearing closer,
You interweave your fingers into mine,
You thrust harder and deeper,
Faster until we both climax at the same time,
Until the room shakes a few times,
You nibble on my neck,
Making me cum hard once again,
We grab onto each other,
And caressing until our breathes catch,
And we start again
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