When the arm pain started again after it being dormant for a bit and my migraines increasing to a more intense speed I knew my life was about to change again. It was becoming harder and harder to be on my computer for long periods of times even with breaks and my hand braces I was starting to use my phone more, yet I think a good part of me wanted to be in denial or hoped against hope that it was anything but the word I've heard muttered by my best friend before. The pain was already claiming many things and it was hard for too many to understand other than him even after getting the crashing devastating blow that followed before I knew it.

Fibromyalgia. One powerful word that seemed to suck everything out of me that moment and made me feel that my life was over, my life was obviously not over, but things as I knew it would never be the same again. It has given me sure insane strength because you need to be in order to deal with the sometimes mind numbing crushing pain that occurs out of nowhere. The pain that drains every bit of your energy on some days leaving you to feel like a zombie and if you get to be as lucky as I am don't get the luxury of going years of going through stages but go from whatever might have been mild to severe symptoms pretty fast. It robs you of sleep at times and other times causes you to crash out for a day.

Not to mention certain other health issues can interact with it causing even more flare ups or fun issues. It's not a simple just take medications, exercise, see a doctor, or whatever those things don't work for every person and especially some days nothing just works no matter what you try to do. Those with fibromyalgia usually have tried many things for the most part especially if it's covered by insurance or they have the money. Everything is a balancing act and sometimes doing just a few things can wear you thin and you are having to pay for it days after. Those like me also might have additional health issues that can make it flare up pcos, for example, is one health condition that can make fibromyalgia bad and vice versa.

Anything related to pain can interact with fibromyalgia causing extra pain and flare ups. This includes pcos, migraines, arthritis, scoliosis, migraines, endometriosis, and etc. if your body is already in distress from pain fibromyalgia seems to sense it and flares more in my experience. There is also if you are sensitive to certain things like the weather if you are cold or heat sensitive certain times of the year can add to this. If you are working when you are already dealing with a body that feels constantly fatigued even if you are getting enough sleep you are at risk of either getting your fibromyalgia higher levels or just risk general because of missing work due to the fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia affects a person's whole life not only do you deal with the pain, work issues, fatigue, fibromyalgia fog where your mind cannot always think straight anymore, but even if you do everything you are suppose to it can affect how much you can do everything from your hobbies, being able to spend time with family and friends, mobility, and so much more which is why people with fibromyalgia need support and kindness overall with tons of understanding. They need a support system of family and friends that can understand that they want to still be around, might need additional accommodations, might need various breaks, and need people to still call and visit them. Fibromyalgia can be a very depressing because of how much it affects a person's life.
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