Wake Up Call

What words can I have?
What words would I even say?
I knew that even with finally finding them,
Knowing that you had never been there,
What would change that now?
That sort of changes things doesn't it?
Can it?
Will it?
Does He know?
I know he was just like me tossed to the side,
Like we didn't exist,
We are your children,
Yet, he's on your Facebook he shares the last name,
Mine hasn't been for awhile now,
But, I lost so much time,
So, many memories I could have had,
So, many Christmases and thanksgivings with your family,
But no,
You didn't want that responsibility,
And my mom lost contact,
Her side was never close,
I waited many years until I was eighteen,
Just so I could begin to search for them,
A miracle happened a month before my thirty-fifth birthday,
I found your family,
Tears of joy ran down my face,
As I looked at pictures,
Adding connections and stories,
Things that finally solved,
What you took from me,
When you didn't want that responsibility,
You share my DNA,
Yet years ago you looked at a young child,
And couldn't see everything everyone else does,
Can you now?
Maybe this is a wake up call!
Wake up!
Before it's too late!
Look at what you are dealing with now!
Will you let it change you for the better?
Or will you stay the same?
Can you let go of the past?
Make amends with your family?
Actually be a part of all your family?
Or are you going to become bitter?
And just keep going the way you've been?
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