You cannot choose my path,
You cannot bully me to be something I'm not,
You cannot force me into a certain belief,
Life just doesn't work that way,
Pushing people beyond what's acceptable,
Instead of just loving them for who they are,
Who are you to judge their path?
Who are you to judge what they believe?
Who are you to spout out things?
Discrediting other faiths!
Discrediting other paths!
Instead of just caring for people,
Loving truly unconditionally,
Giving all people a chance,
Stop seeing people a certain way!
Have respect!
Instead of pushing people into boxes,
To these labels that are more harmful than good,
See them as what they are human,
You cannot choose my path,
You cannot choose my beliefs,
You cannot force me to follow something I'm not,
Just as you cannot choose other people's path,
Or their beliefs,
Or force them into boxes,
Or labels,
Or any of those things,
Stop judging,
You don't know their story,
And each story makes us walk different paths,
Not one path is ever the same,
It's time to stop treating it that way,
And end bullying toward people,
Just because they don't walk,
Or believe the same way we do.

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