Health Reform

Oregon health plan can and does, but probably usually doesn't due to high number of people,  look into the income information if you are married and literally can deny you at any month you do not meet the requirements for the income restrictions.
Read that slowly. This is probably in all other states too as they look at the poverty level, which I would think especially with certain things be a pretty big number with the increased homeless in Oregon alone as of late because of the problem they had with section 8 and etc due to the rising of housing it's gotten very crazy. This is the point though if this is true this seems that Oregon Health plan and probably others might be doing things that maybe even the main federal government fully doesn't know about because it's a state program so it's not ran by the federal government. Yes, Obamacare improved Oregon health plan where before you could only get what we consider the plus version with better dental actually get teeth cleanings and other dental work plus a few other other things. This is what Obamacare did for me specially and others in the state, but other things obviously don't get any regulation.

So, this means we as a people and nation need to pay attention to what is going on. I'm not saying obviously Obamacare is perfect I think we need to be more like European countries on health care, but we do need to be more informed do not blame things on certain legislation. Including like blaming it for say if you are married and cannot have ohp due to income stuff that has nothing to do with Obamacare at all that existed way beforehand as someone who even had state insurance least in the state of Oregon before it passed income limits was in place before anything and this is another reason we need to change and farther reform our health care in the USA.

So, please be aware of all that is going on in your world. As I keep learning and even if you don't have chronic health issues you never know when you might. Or if someone you love will. It's time for a change. It's time to be better not just for us but for the future there are so many health issues out there many we do not understand or still need to understand more. So many that need cures and not just cancer not saying cancer isn't important, but as someone who deals with chronic pain with many chronic pain issues we need to ban together no matter what we believe if for anything for this.

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